Phoenix cucumber plus: secrets of a good harvest for everyone

Phoenix cucumber plus: secrets of a good harvest for everyone

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Cucumbers delight us with their presence on the table almost all year round. Pickled or fresh, vegetables give us a wonderful and fresh taste, and they are also low in calories.

Phoenix plus cucumber is a favorite of almost all summer residents. Despite its small size, the phoenix gives its owners a generous harvest! We will talk further about the features of this variety of cucumbers and the secrets of its cultivation.


  • Features of the phoenix plus variety: is it worth planting?
  • Phoenix cucumber plus: how to care for the plant?
  • Cucumber growing rules: you are guaranteed a good harvest

Features of the Phoenix Plus variety: is it worth it to grow?

Fresh and fragrant cucumber is always a welcome guest on any table. Before choosing a variety of cucumbers, the hostess focuses not only on the harvest, but also on the taste preferences of the vegetable. The choice of seeds must be taken seriously, because it depends on their quality: taste, amount of harvest and duration of fruiting.

Phoenix plus is a late variety of cucumbers. Only when the soil temperature reaches the limit of + 13-15 degrees Celsius, you can start planting seeds. This is a pollinated plant, so it is completely unsuitable for planting in greenhouses.

A couple of months after planting the seeds, you can enjoy your first harvest. Cucumbers of this plant variety are medium in size and lack a bitter taste in the mouth. The fruits are great for pickling and fresh consumption. Shoots are about 2.5 meters long. Experts do not recommend tying up the plant, because of the possibility of a "burn" of the leaf. For the normal development of phoenix plus, a land plot that reaches the size of 4 * 4 is suitable.

What needs to be considered before planting seeds?

Before planting, the soil must be fertilized. The humus of last year's leaves or artiodactyl manure are perfect for feeding the soil. Do not forget to fluff the soil. To do this, treat the area with a shovel and a rake.

  1. The best landing period is the first half of June.
  2. Give preference to a site with black soil.

Phoenix cucumber plus an essentially unpretentious plant variety, however, like any other "living creature", it requires some care of its person. Let's move on to the next block of the article, where we will find out all the secrets of growing a phoenix plus.

Phoenix cucumber plus: how to care for a garden plant?

With proper and proper care, cucumbers of this variety promise to give the owner a good harvest. Phoenix plus is "afraid" of a sharp change in weather conditions. Under unfavorable weather conditions, cucumber fruits are poorly tied, which can completely nullify the harvest. In bad weather (heavy rain, cold), experts recommend feeding the plant with preparations "Ovary" or "Impulse".

Doses must be calculated strictly according to the recommended instructions. In this case, it is very important not to "overdo it" with the amount of the applied preparation, otherwise the root of the plant may "burn out".

Watering. Cucumber is a moisture-loving plant, so watering must be done every two days. The best time to water is sunset. Evening watering will prevent the leaves from burning. Timely weed control. You need to fight weeds on time, this is what experts say.

Weeds, "clog" the soil of the plant and do not allow the root system to develop normally. The result is one: a decrease in yield, or complete death of the plant.

Pollination. For pollination to go off with a bang, sow a melliferous plant nearby. It is not necessary to use garden cultivated plants, you can sow the area with garden flowers. The timing of fruiting. In addition to early varieties of cucumbers, sow the area with medium and late varieties. This way you can enjoy the "cucumber freshness" in the middle of autumn.

Remember that top dressing is best done in late autumn. Naturally, fertilization is also allowed in the spring, although it is not as effective as the autumn. A good harvest directly depends on the quality of plant care. Little secrets will help to grow not only a delicious, but also a rich harvest. Phoenix plus cucumber is beautiful everywhere, it gives a wonderful taste to salads, marinade and canned assortments!

Cucumber growing rules: you are guaranteed a good harvest

Phoenix plus cucumber is especially loved for two qualities: it has excellent taste and brings a good harvest. The rules for growing this variety of cucumber are not complicated, but effective, we suggest using some of the recommendations of experts. Distance is important. Plant seeds more than one meter apart.

The shoots of the plant are distinguished by their breadth, the phoenix will certainly need additional meters for good development. Terms and rules of landing. As noted above, this is a heat-loving plant, therefore, planting must be started at the beginning of summer. Air is important. Cory cucumbers love oxygen. Do not forget to loosen the surface of the substrate at least occasionally.

In no case do not plant cucumber seeds in the same place, you risk not seeing the desired harvest at all. Pick the ripe fruit regularly. The emergence of a new crop slows down the ripening process of young stock. Regularly monitor the process of fruit ripening, and you will be assured of a good harvest.

Apply fertilizer. Forgot to fertilize? Use liquid formulations. Strictly observe the doses, otherwise you will get real cucumber giants. Phoenix plus cucumber is a frequent guest not only of the table, but also of the summer cottage. Gardeners fell in love with the plant not only because of its excellent taste, but also because of its unpretentious care. Do you want to pamper yourself with freshness? Phoenix cucumber plus, ready to help you with this! Have a good harvest.

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