Growing mesembryanthemum

Growing mesembryanthemum

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Mesembriantemum is thermophilic succulent, which at home in South Africa, grows on sandy soils and under the hot sun. Growing mesembryanthemum consists in creating conditions for him, close to the usual. With proper care, its colorful flowers, daisy-like will decorate rockeries, rock gardens, ridges, terraces, balconies and just dry slopes. In some species of this succulent, flowers close in cloudy weather.

This plant loves loose, with a predominance of sand, breathable soil. Mesembriantemum only need to be planted in sunny places, with a lack of lighting, the plant stretches and blooms poorly. They need to be watered sparingly, after the soil has completely dried out, they do not tolerate excess moisture, like all succulents. Given the origin of the plant, it is clear that it does not tolerate frost and in the middle lane, the cultivation of mesembryanthemum is possible only as an annual plant, although in indoor conditions it can live for many years.

The mesembriantemum reproduces both by seeds and vegetatively. Seeds are sown in seedling boxes in early spring, turning them into a mini-greenhouse, covered with glass or plastic. Seedlings will appear in two weeks. After their appearance, the boxes are placed in a bright place. When the seedlings get stronger and they have real leaves, they are seated in separate containers. In open ground plants can be planted only when the ground warms up and the threat of night frosts has passed. At the same time, leave a distance between plants at least 15 centimeters.

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