How I grew leeks - photos and recommendations

How I grew leeks - photos and recommendations

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All my household, and myself, give preference to tasty and healthy food. It is almost impossible to find this vegetable in our market, only in supermarkets, but the concepts of “supermarket” and “healthy food” are not compatible, therefore, we grow it ourselves

For the first time, the desire to grow this vegetable appeared when I saw leeks in a photo in a magazine. It was so bright and juicy that I immediately wanted to try it.

Preparing soil and seeds for planting leeks

We plant leeks in our garden with seedlings. We begin to prepare seeds for seedlings around mid-March. To begin with, we soak them for 20 minutes in hot water (the temperature should be about 50 degrees). Then we rinse the seeds well, wrap them in a damp cloth and soak them. After a week, the seeds should be taken out and slightly dried. Now they can be sown.

We sow seeds at a distance of about 2 centimeters from each other. If you want to grow a juicy and beautiful product, then you should monitor the air temperature and soil moisture in which our future rays grow. The temperature around our plant should be 18-20 ° C during the day and 14-15 ° at night.

You can plant onions in the beds after 50 days. The soil must be well fertilized with compost. You can also add a half liter can of ash and 2 liter cans of wet sawdust. Mandatory - mineral fertilizers, we add urea. Then all this vinaigrette is dug up to a depth of 20 cm. Then grooves should be made, 12 cm deep. They should be dug at a distance of about 25 centimeters from each other.

Planting and caring for leeks

We cut off the root and leaves of our sprouts by about one third. Then plant in the dug grooves. The distance between the seedlings is 15 cm. After planting, the leek should not be watered for three days. Then the irrigation scheme is as follows: the seedlings are watered every five days, with the calculation of 15 liters of water per one cubic meter of land. After 20 days after planting, do not forget to feed your onion with fertilizers. You can, again, use urea, mullein, superphosphate.

In and everything. Now you just have to reap the fruits of your labor. See the leek in the photo? Do you want your family to get all the vitamins that this plant contains? You already know how to grow this crop.

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